Portrait of Cheryl Ketner

Cheryl Ketner has style!

You know the type…they can put a “look” together with seemingly little effort. They have a panache that crosses over fashion, interiors, art and accessories. Cheryl’s got “it”. She possesses an innate sense of color and scale. She can deftly mix periods and patterns, traditional and contemporary, antique treasures and new finds. Details, interiors, logistics, fashion and organization are second nature to Cheryl.

Cheryl Ketner’s projects are 100% representative of her clients. Listening is key in order to understand how they live, work entertain and relax.

A person’s furnishings and accessories tell a story about who they are, and that’s what makes their home inviting and interesting.

Since establishing her firm 15 years ago, Cheryl’s projects have spanned the style spectrum. Among them, a traditional family vacation compound; a “cowboy-chic” loft; a transitional three-level townhome, and a traditional Dallas estate.

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